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What is CircleDNA?
CircleDNA is the world’s most comprehensive DNA test that enables you to take full control of your health by understanding your genetic blueprint, so you can make informed decisions about your health with full confidence. This at-home test provides 500+ reports about your diet, nutrition, sports, cancer and disease risks, carrier conditions and much more with a simple saliva swab. The results are delivered within 18 business days in an easy-to-use mobile app.
How are my data and privacy protected?
CircleDNA adheres to the leading international security standard, ISO-27001, as we implement physical, technical, and administrative measures to prevent any unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, your sensitive information. All connections are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We do not sell, lease, or rent your personal information to any third party without your explicit consent. Your data will also never be shared with anyone outside of CircleDNA for marketing or other purposes. You are the only individual or party who is able to authorize how your information is used, stored, and shared with others.
Why are CircleDNA kits more expensive than other DNA tests on the market?
CircleDNA kits use advanced Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology, which analyzes more data points than the genotyping process used by most other DNA tests on the market. This technology provides more comprehensive insights into your genetic profile, including information about your physical and personality traits, as well as potential health problems. By focusing on the exome, which is where most disease-causing mutations occur, WES is considered the ultimate way to understand your genetic makeup. While CircleDNA kits may be more expensive than other DNA tests, the cost reflects the advanced technology and comprehensive data analysis that is used to generate the results.
How is CircleDNA different from 23andMe or Ancestry.com?
In our database, we cover for all the significant and strongly associated genetic markers under each category type. We consider most of the markers tested in every population and we have especially added the ones that are studied for in Asian population. With Circle, we use whole-exome sequencing technlogy to read the protein-coding genes in the human genome to analyse 31 million data points (>100x more data than leading companies such as 23andme and Ancestry.com, whom both use genotyping technology).When we sequence for the entire gene, unlike other personal genomic testing companies screening for specific variants in the gene, we look for every mutation present in the genes so that the likelihood of missing out on hundreds of other mutations with genotyping technology is reduced.